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MorningStar Poppy Seeds 500g

R60.00 R110.00

Poppy seed is an oilseed obtained from the opium poppy. The tiny, kidney-shaped seeds have been harvested from dried seed pods by various civilizations for thousands of years...

MorningStar Potato Starch - Gluten Free 1kg


Potato Starch is a gluten-free flour for thickening sauces, gravies, stews, and soups. ... This flour is also an excellent alternative to cornstarch for those who are allergic to corn and will be more stable when cooking at higher temperatures...


MorningStar Pumpkin Seeds 500g

R70.00 R85.00

A pumpkin seed, is the edible seed of a pumpkin or certain other cultivars of squash. The seeds are typically flat and asymmetrically oval, have a white outer husk, and are light green in color after the husk is removed...


MorningStar Raisins Medium Choice 500g

R35.00 R52.00

The health benefits of raisins include relief from constipation, acidosis, anemia, fever, and sexual dysfunction. Raisins have also been known to help in attempts to gain weight in a healthy way, as well as for their positive impact on eye health, dental care, and bone quality...


MorningStar Red Quinoa 500g

R55.00 R72.00

Red quinoa (which takes on a brownish hue when cooked) has a richer taste, slightly chewier and heartier texture, and somewhat nuttier flavor compared to white quinoa. It's often the quinoa of choice for cold salads as it holds its shape better during cooking...


MorningStar Rice Flour 500g

R19.00 R21.00

Rice flour is a form of Flour made from finely milled  Rice flour is a common substitute for wheat flour. It is also used as a thickening agent in recipes that are refrigerated or frozen since it inhibits liquid separation...

MorningStar Sunflower Seed Flour 1kg


Sunflower seed flour is a fine-textured flour made with nothing more than raw sunflower seed kernels. Nut-free, gluten-free and grain-free, it has a faintly sweet and nutty, yet neutral, flavor that can be used in a wide range of recipes..

MorningStar Sunflower Seeds 500g


The sunflower seed is the fruit of the sunflower. There are three types of commonly used sunflower seeds: linoleic, high oleic, and sunflower oil seeds. Each variety has its own unique levels of monounsaturated, saturated, and polyunsaturated fats. The information in this article refers mainly to the linoleic variety...


MorningStar Sushi Rice 500g

R20.00 R27.00

Sushi rice is made with cooked Japanese short-grain rice, rice vinegar, sugar, and salt...


MorningStar Tapioca Starch - Gluten Free 1kg

R30.00 R55.00

Tapioca flour, or tapioca starch, is a popular, gluten-free flour made from the starch of cassava root. It's perhaps best known for the thick, chewy texture it lends to gluten-free baked goods but also works well as an allergy-friendly thickener for sauces, soups, puddings, and stews...


MorningStar Walnut Pieces 500g

R85.00 R139.00

Walnuts are a great source of antioxidants, omegas and essential minerals. Plus they have a great distinctive taste and texture...


MorningStar White Quinoa 500g

R35.00 R72.00

Of all the quinoa colors, white quinoa has the most delicate taste and the lightest texture and it cooks up a bit fluffier than other types of quinoa. Red quinoa (which takes on a brownish hue when cooked) has a richer taste, slightly chewier and heartier texture, and somewhat nuttier flavor compared to white quinoa..


MorningStar White Sesame Seeds 500g

R40.00 R54.00

Sesame seeds are tiny, oil-rich seeds that grow in pods on the Sesamum indicum plant. Unhulled seeds have the outer, edible husk intact, while hulled seeds come without the husk. The hull gives the seeds a golden-brown hue. Hulled seeds have an off-white color but turn brown when roasted...


MorningStar Whole Almonds 500g

R105.00 R193.00

Healthy and oval-shaped with a hard crunch, our Whole Almonds have a rich, strong nutty flavor...


MorningStar Whole Cashew Nuts 500g

R105.00 R189.00

Cashew Nuts are a great source of magnesium, selenium & zinc. Source of various vital minerals including protein, calcium, healthy fats & antioxidants..

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