The global market demand of plant-based milk is rapidly growing as consumers are becoming more conscious of the impact of their food choices on their health and on the environment. Many customers who decide not to consume cow’s milk (whether for health or environmental reasons) may be concerned about introducing a lot of soy into their diet or are not fully happy with the taste of nut milks. Oatly’s delicious oat milk brings that wonderful creamy and full flavour without the impact of lactose on their system or the effects the dairy industry has on the environment and stands up against other plant-based milks by being delicious and full in creamy flavour.

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Oat Milk Barista Edition Oatly 1L


Milky Taste & Creamy TextureOatly Barista has the smooth and creamy taste you’ve come to expect from milk and it’s made from liquid oats, so you know it’s good (and not overly sweet or excessively heavy). The best part is that Barista is fully foamable, perfect for that latte art you’ve become famous for! But for your tea drinking customers, yo..

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